Texas teen sells dream car to buy car for friend

Chandler Lacefield, 17, knew her friend MacKenzie Sterner, the daughter of a single mom, would not be able to afford a car of her own. So just a few months after getting her dream car for graduation, Lacefield sold the Jeep, and with help from her parents, bought two smaller, older cars.

Lacefield, who now drives a 2011 BMW, surprised Sterner with a 2002 Acura MDX.

"Honestly, I thought about not actually selling my Jeep and being selfish, but then I realized I needed to get Kenzie a car more than I needed to keep my Jeep," Lacefield told ABC News.

The girls continue to stay in touch and hang out regularly. Lacefield is currently a freshman at Weatherford College and Sterner just started her senior year.

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