Two teens shot Wednesday night in East Palo Alto


Four shootings have taken place at two neighboring homes on Farrington Way since May. The most recent came last night, just before 11.

"I heard like 20 shots outside, then I peeked up to the window right there and you can't really see much in the nighttime. I was hoping everyone was okay," said neighbor Jason Chand.

A bullet was found resting in the front yard. Two brothers, ages 16 and 17-years-old were hit. The 16-year-old was hit in the thigh. He went to school this morning, but returned home in pain.

"It hurts. I don't know, it's the worst pain I ever felt in my life. I've never been shot before. I don't want to get shot again," said the teen.

The 17-year-old was hit twice in the foot and ankle. He's still in the hospital. Police say the teens are gang members. The 16-year-old said his older brother has been shot five times; the last time was in May. He says he's hoping to avoid trouble in the future.

"I just want everyone to figure everything out, so I don't get shot again because it hurts. I don't want it to happen again," said the teen.

Police say the description of last night's shooter matches the description of the person wanted in a shooting at this house next door on Labor Day. His vehicle is described as a silver, newer model Honda.

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