Oakland police investigate shooting in front of Marriott Hotel


The shooting took place outside the Marriott Hotel at Broadway and 11th Street in the heart of downtown Oakland at about 3 p.m. It happened just as an ABC sports anchor from Columbus, Ohio was about to go live in front of the hotel. Their camera captured a man running from the scene and police think he may be a suspect.

Police say two men were firing at each other and a stray bullet struck a cab driver at the hotel taxi stand.

"This guy that got shot was standing right next to me. So when I hear the shots, I just went down right here buy the tire, and he was screaming, 'Call 911, I got shot!'" said witness Aziz Latifi.

Witnesses say the cab driver was standing on the sidewalk in front of the hotel, having a cup of coffee, when the shots came from Broadway. As the driver turned to run, a bullet struck him in the back of the thigh.

Other shots hit buildings nearby, though no one else was hurt.

The shooters ran off before police could arrive. They detained one man, but let him go a short time later.

The Ohio State football team and a group of fans were in town for their game against Cal.

Police say shootings are rare in the heart of downtown Oakland. Now they're examining hotel surveillance cameras trying to identify the gunmen.

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