Eviction shooter being charged with attempted murder


Ghoneim surrendered to the SWAT team after a long standoff with sheriff deputies. Thursday, the 42-year-old is in the Contra Costa County Jail.

Ghoneim was the owner of Verewealth Partners -- an investment advisory company. But it closed and Ghoneim filed for bankruptcy in 2010.

So did his wife, Naoko Chiba. She owned a card shop in Danville that also went under.

Wednesday, two sheriff's deputies, a real estate agent, the property manager and a locksmith went to the home in the Norris Canyon Estates development to evict Ghoneim. The sheriff's department says Ghoneim fired once through the door using a shotgun, hitting the property manager in the leg. The man was transported to the hospital and then the hostage negotiations team got involved.

"They started communicating with the suspect; we were asking him to come out and surrender and he refused to do so," Contra Costa County Assistant Sheriff Mark Williams said. "Communications started breaking down to where he was not communicating with us any longer."

Ghoneim surrendered after the SWAT team used a ramming device to open the front door, and then used gas to force him out. His wife was not inside.

The Contra Costa County Sheriff's Department says this year alone they've carried out 1,300 evictions.

"Ninety-nine percent of the time we do them successfully and safely, which is our goal; in this case we had a resident who didn't cooperate with the process," Williams said.

Ghoneim is being charged with five counts of attempted murder.

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