Burlingame Goodwill returns lost Tiffany's jewelry to owner


Bonnie Patton was going through bags of donated clothes at Goodwill's Burlingame center.

A peninsula woman had notified the agency she'd mistakenly donated Tiffany jewelry worth thousands of dollars.

The warehouse processes more than 20,000 items a day, so the chances of finding the items was slim, but then Patton opened another bag she said, "A ring box fell out. So when I opened it and I looked at the tag, it was like, 'Wow! Look at all these rings.' It was woah!"

Sandra Williams couldn't believe it when Goodwill called to say they found her family heirlooms had been found.

"Wow, the goodwill at Goodwill. What an honest person. And I have faith in humanity again," said Williams.

The two women met for the first time on Wednesday. Sandra offered Bonnie a reward, but Goodwill policy says she can't accept it.

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