Health department gives safety tips to rave participants

SAN JOSE, Calif.

Beyond Wonderland Bay Area kicks off Saturday at Shoreline Amphitheatre. The stages for the rave are already being assembled and eager concert goers have their ticket in hand.

"It's just kind of cool to be in that crowd of like huge people and everyone's there for the same reason," said Breanna Brody of San Jose.

Brody also went last year. She says everyone usually has a good time, but says "There are some people that have too much of a good time and they don't know when to stop."

Drug use or possession isn't allowed this weekend, but those who have been to raves before say drug use is prevalent.

"Everybody like sneaks things in to everything, everything that's illegal tends to be more fun, so I mean you see illegal things no matter where you go. I wouldn't say it's a bad place to go because of it," said Melanie Keltner of San Jose.

"The mollies and the pill popping for these events are actually, it's a huge thing. So it does affect some people," said Luke Shoats of San Jose.

Molly is ecstasy. Over Labor Day weekend an electronic music festival in New York was called off a day ahead of schedule because two people died. The New York Times reports both deaths were consistent with use of the drug.

Mountain View police and the Santa Clara County Public Health Department want to make sure those in attendance don't end up in an emergency room. So they're offering tips to help keep people safe.

They recommend going with friends who can watch out for you and warn against taking anything someone else gives you because it may not be what they say it is.

"Many drugs can be mixed with other things and they can have serious health effects and can, in some cases, even be fatal. So this is serious business," said Dr. Sara Cody from the Santa Clara County Public Health Department.

Mountain View police will have officers enforcing all drug laws this weekend, both in and around the event.

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