Attempted abduction at school in Redwood City


Parents went the extra mile today getting their kids to class at the school today. Yesterday morning, a student said he was walking to class through a parking lot when a man in a pickup truck stopped, offered him marijuana and asked him to get in. The student immediately went to the office to report the incident and school officials called police.

"It's scary because my child comes here. You never know," said Venus Garcia, parent.

The Redwood City School District sent out an email to parents explaining what happened. Kennedy Middle School officials also called home and teachers spoke to students in class about the incident -- reminding them what they should do if they see or experience something suspicious.

"I always drop her close to the office," said Maria Padilla, parent.

"Just to be safe?" asked ABC7's Matt Keller.

"Just to be safe," said Padilla.

"And after this news are feeling a little more cautious?" asked Keller.

"Yeah," said Padilla.

Redwood City police say they are taking this incident seriously -- with officers doing extra patrols around schools today. They are also looking for video hoping the suspect and his pickup truck were caught on camera in the area.

Parents aren't taking any chances.

"Are you doing anything different?" asked Keller.

"Well, I'm bringing my kid to school and dropping him off to in front of the school," said Rigo Garcia, parent.

"He normally walks?" asked Keller.

"Sometimes, but not anymore," said Garcia.

Police say they are hoping to put a sketch together so they can get the public's help in tracking down this person.

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