Small plane makes emergency landing on SJ road


A student was being trained by an instructor when they experienced engine trouble. The instructor took control of the plane during the landing and it came to a stop in the right hand turn lane at the Quimby Road intersection. No vehicles or property were struck and the student and pilot are uninjured.

The plane belongs to the Aerodynamic Aviation School.

"The nice thing is there are traffic lights, so there was a whole empty stretch where cars were stopped and it was able to land just fine without getting in the way of any cars," said the plane's owner Zdravko Podolski.

Podolski would not identify the pilot, but said he has 3,000 hours of flight experience and has worked at his school for the last four or five years.

As for the flight school, the location next to an eight lane expressway has become very useful.

"You have the occasional problem with the airplanes, but I think we've landed on Capitol Expressway once before in the last eight years. It's a very useful road," said Podolski.

The engine will be taken apart to figure out what happened.

The owner said will notify the NTSB and the FAA will likely do an investigation.

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