Diane Sawyer sits down with Malala for 20/20 interview


The group currently has inspectors inside Syria overseeing the destruction of their chemical weapons stockpile.

Oddsmakers were expecting Malala Yusufzai would win the top prize.

She was shot in the head when she was 13 and almost killed by the Taliban, merely because she wanted to go to school. She is now an activist for girls' education.

While there was shock and disappointment in her native Pakistan, young girls there still say she is an inspiration to them, and that the Nobel committee are the ones who lost out.

ABC's Diane Sawyer has an exclusive interview with Yousafzai that will air Friday at 10 p.m., here on ABC7.

ABC7 News anchor Cheryl Jennings spoke via satellite with Diane for a preview.

Cheryl: "The day she was shot, does she remember anything about that day at all?"
Diane: "She remembers a lot about the morning of the day on the school bus with her friends, they're singing, as kids do, and she notices that the streets are very silent. She doesn't remember what happens next, but her friends have described to her what happened and how the gunman boarded the bus and asked, 'who is Malala?' And then fired that gun, three times she was shot in the head."

Diane says Malala's passion for learning will change the way we think about girls and education.

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