Agriculture, technology come together in Daly City


When people think of agriculture most picture land, but few are aware that technology is helping to take care of that land and the things that grow on it.

The California Agricultural Leadership Program wants a group of urban high school students to know if they love technology, agriculture is the field for them.

"It's no longer in a notebook anymore. It's actually online breathing and living. And we can add to it, accumulate it and touch it at any point in time," said Anthony Laney of Twin Peaks Agriculture.

Students today are quite surprised to hear that a tractor is somewhat like a smartphone without the phone. It has a GPS system and it can be programmed to run itself.

"Actually the steering is done through the GPS so we're making less passes over the ground. It's more precise and we know exactly where we've been and how much we've done in a day," said Laney.

Savannah Brown was thrilled to know she can work in the field without leaving an office.

"You just sit around and be on the computer and you still get paid for it; and you'd still be doing farming stuff though," she said.

After today Jenna Baxter is convinced she wants to be veterinarian.

"Specializing in sheep and goats," she said.

"In California we grow over 400 commodities, more than in any other state in the nation. It's a $43 billion industry," said Stephanie Etcheverria from the Foundation for Agriculture in the Classroom.

It's an industry that wants to embrace the next generation of technology lovers who have a passion for farming.

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