7OYS helps woman get refund for defective dishwasher


It seems the manufacturer didn't quite believe her when she said her dishwasher wasn't working properly.

Marie Cameron does her dishes by hand. She bought a dishwasher in July 2012, but noticed right away it wasn't doing its job.

"I said what the heck's the matter with this thing? What's wrong with this dishwasher?" Cameron said.

Cameron showed 7 On Your Side some dishes that came out of her dishwasher two days ago.

"It's got gunk right here too. You can't see it too well, but that came out and it was rinsed before it went in there," she said.

Her dishwasher has become a place where she stores dirty dishes until she's had a chance to wash them by hand.

"My dishwasher isn't a dishwasher. It's a hiding place," Cameron said.

She agreed to wash a load for us in her dishwasher so we could see for ourselves.

Cameron shared her story of dealing with General Electric while we waited for the dishes to be washed.

The company sent out several technicians over the last year.

"And a technician came in and said, oh, you're using the wrong soap," she said.

Cameron pointed out she used the soap that came with the dishwasher, but changed soap anyways and it didn't work.

"One came in and did not tell me it was the soap. It was my water, that my water wasn't hot enough," she said.

So Cameron turned up the temperature gauge on her water heater, but that didn't work.

Each time a technician came they told her the dishwasher was working fine.

She finally called 7 On Your Side and we called GE and the company told us: "Our technicians confirmed the product is working as designed. As a result of phosphates no longer being included in dishwashing detergents, cloudy residue on glasses, plates and utensils are plaguing consumers who live in areas with hard water."

So, 7 On Your Side looked at the dishes.

"Let's look at this one. See this here, that still has food down there and it looks like broccoli of some sort," Cameron said. "This has got food still stuck in it. See the food."

Cameron said this never happened with the old dishwasher she used before buying the GE.

Shortly after we got involved, Cameron received a surprise from GE. The company offered to replace her dishwasher or give her a refund. Cameron decided to take the refund.

"I mean I'm thrilled. I really am. I don't think anybody knows that until they've done so many dishes," Cameron said.

A technician is coming later this week to haul away Cameron's old dishwasher and is expected to bring her a refund.

Meanwhile, she's purchased a new dishwasher which should also be arriving soon.

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