7 On Your Side helps couple with new, damaged TV


Lizi Giora and her husband just moved all the way from Brazil to the Bay Area.

"My husband had a job opportunity here," Lizi said.

The couple was still in temporary housing, shopping for furniture, when they saw a great deal from Best Buy.

"It was a 58-inch LED TV from Panasonic," Sunnyvale resident Lizi said.

The TV was marked down from $1,400, to $1,000. So they bought one. However, they left the TV packed in the box until they could move into their permanent home three weeks later.

Little did they know that would be a big mistake.

"When we moved into this house, we set the TV up," Lizi said.

When they finally pulled the TV out of the box, they were stunned at what they found.

"The LED screen was all cracked," she said. "We looked at each other and said no."

But it was. Lizi showed us where the screen was broken. And when they plugged in the TV, they saw a huge liquidy blob in the middle, a white patch on the side, and an icon, but no picture.

"Nobody can imagine that you will open a brand new TV box and then your TV it's all damaged," she said.

Their next surprise came when they tried to return the TV to Best Buy.

"The guy from customer service said, 'I'm sorry but we cannot take the TV back,'" Lizi said.

Best Buy has a 15 day return policy. The couple had purchased it 20 days earlier, but didn't open the box soon enough.

"We were so frustrating," Lizi said. "We know it wasn't our fault."

Panasonic wouldn't take the TV back either, saying it was not responsible for a damaged screen.

"We said, okay, we spent a thousand dollars, a thousand dollars that we put in the garbage," Lizi said.

Then, someone told them about 7 On Your Side.

"We already watch it many times during the news but we had no idea that we were eligible to participate," she said.

Of course they are eligible and the couple did contact me.

"That's when the magic started happening," Lizi said.

We contacted Best Buy and explained the dilemma; and this time, the couple's surprise was a nice one.

"I personally don't know what magic 7 On Your Side did, but two days after that, somebody from Best Buy called us and said okay we heard about your problem," Lizi said.

Best Buy took back that broken TV after all and replaced it with a brand new one.

Lizi says they don't have anything like 7 On Your Side in Brazil.

"I couldn't believe that this thing was real but now I'm proof of it," Lizi said. "It really does magic."

Best Buy declined to provide a statement for this story, except to say it has replaced the cracked TV with the new one of the exact same model.

We'd like to thank Best Buy for helping this couple in such a big way.

The takeaway -- make sure your products are in good working order before your return period ends.

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