David Hockney works go on exhibit at de Young


British artist David Hockney has a way of showing the abstract beauty of nature in a way people never imagined, in rich vivid color, even showing people themselves, candid and at ease.

"The people don't look very hard at the world. Well, I do, and I do something with it, and I think that's what people might like," he told ABC7 News.

Art lovers in the Bay Area will definitely like the exhibit -- 300 pieces of Hockney's works spread out across 18,000 square feet in the largest exhibit the de Young Museum has ever staged.

"He invests so much of his own time to show us what he sees, and in such great, phenomenal detail," said de Young Deputy Director Richard Benefield.

Hockney even used nine cameras mounted on a car to capture the four seasons on an English countryside road, but the most unique of the works were created on iPhone or an iPad with a simple painting app. "I think it's a new medium, actually," he said.

Hockney showed ABC7 news around the exhibit and talked about rethinking the way he paints with technology. Asked if it gives him freedom that canvas and oil paint do, he said, "You do get a very good freedom with it. I mean there's limitations to it like everything, but i think it's very exciting," he said.

The Hockney exhibit is definitely something to be seen. It opens Saturday and runs through January 20, 2014.

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