1 dead in shooting near Oakland Coliseum BART parking lot


Police say the shooting happened around 3:30 p.m. near the far end of the Coliseum BART station's parking lot at 72nd Ave. and Hawley St.

One man was shot several times. He was taken to a local hospital with critical injuries where he later died.

Oakland police say this was in no way related to the Raiders game.

In fact, the victim's aunt told us he was in the neighborhood to visit her.

She lives just a few houses down from where the shooting occurred and was outside when she says she saw someone in the passenger seat of a black car shoot someone several times.

She learned moments later that the person shot was her nephew. The aunt asked us not to show her face.

"I just saw a car pull up, back up," she said. "I heard the shots and when I went down there, he was on the ground. I didn't know it was him until I kept seeing those shoes and the pants on the ground down there and I went down there and it was him."

The aunt says she doesn't know why her nephew was shot. Oakland police will only say the investigation is ongoing.

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