Suspect in fatal DUI crash struggled with addiction


Reitzell was supposed to be arraigned at the San Mateo County courthouse Monday, but the judge postponed the hearing, saying she was in the jail's medical ward. Her family says she has been complaining of chest pain.

Kamal and Balbir Singh were walking their dog when they were run down and killed Thursday night. "It's just like I did it myself because it's my flesh and blood that caused them to have the loss that they had," Ronald Reitzell told ABC7 News. He wants to give his condolences to the Singh family. "I have more grief for them than I do my sister for the simple fact that they lost somebody. She's still here," he said.

Marjorie Reitzell has been charged with vehicular manslaughter under the influence of alcohol and felony drunk driving. District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe says she was heavily intoxicated, almost twice the legal limit. "We have a preliminary alcohol level. We know that it is well over 0.15," he said.

Police say Rreitzell's car plowed into the Singhs then jumped the center-divide, clipping another car before crashing into a tree. Ronald visited his sister in jail Sunday. He says she doesn't remember what happened.

"We kept telling her, 'Marg, you killed two people,' and she keeps saying 'I didn't kill nobody. Somebody cut me off. I saw them people,' you know what I mean? But the whole thing about it is that she doesn't remember nothing," Ronald said.

Reitzell has a long rap sheet going back almost a quarter of a century. She's been arrested dozens of times on misdemeanor drug offenses and driving violations, but only once for a DUI. That was last November.

"She was convicted of misdemeanor drunk driving and was on probation for that at the time that she committed these felonies," Wagstaffe said.

The victims' family members were also in court Monday, but they left without speaking to reporters.

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