Tesla builds Supercharger stations along West Coast


Since Dawn Gordon-Wylie got a Tesla Model S, there's one place she hasn't been in a while.

Jonathan: "Do you miss gas stations at all?"
Dawn: "Not one bit!"

The highest-end Model S can go 265 miles on a charge. That's about from here to San Luis Obispo. And yet there's a pair of Tesla sedans making a trip much longer than that.

"Driving all the way from San Diego to Vancouver using our recently opened network of Superchargers," said Jerome Guillen, Tesla head of sales and service.

Those are what Tesla calls those big contraptions that charge up the car's battery at super speed. They say you can get about three hours of driving time by plugging in for 20 minutes.

It means you can charge your car.

"You pull into a charging station, you plug into the car and go have lunch, have a cup of coffee," Tesla Model D owner Eric Sultan said.

And then keep right on going.

The Superchargers are listed on the car's built-in Google Maps, about a hundred miles apart from Mexico to Canada.

"We're demonstrating the ease at which you can charge at Tesla Superchargers and take a free road trip in Model S," said Tesla spokesperson Alexis Georgeson.

Yes, free if you happen to own one of those $70,000 to $80,000 cars.

The free charging stations are an investment for Tesla in eliminating the biggest reason people say they hesitate to buy an electric car -- range anxiety.

"I think the lowest we ever got was 13 rated miles left, which is probably about as low as you wanna go," Gordon-Wylie said.

Of course, Teslas don't need a Supercharger. They can charge off other outlets and that's a good thing, because here in San Francisco, there isn't a Supercharger. The nearest one is in Fremont near Tesla's factory.

The free chargers at Crissy Field take several hours to charge up a Tesla.

Before they put a Supercharger there, Tesla wants to finish the route from New York to Los Angeles and then Boston to Miami.

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