Sunnyvale mother to reunite with baby in Arizona

A Sunnyvale mother will fly out to Arizona to be reunited with her son who was abducted yesterday.
November 7, 2013 4:13:17 PM PST
A Sunnyvale mother is looking forward to reuniting with her two-week-old son. The child was found safe and sound yesterday in Mexico after he was abdcuted by his father. Patricia Romero will fly out to Arizona to be reunited with the boy.

"I'm really happy and thankful for police and people who helped me find my baby," said Romero.

Henry Guler-Romero is being cared for by Child Protective Services in Arizona. His father and Romero's boyfriend 22-year-old Mesut Guler was captured at a checkpoint yesterday afternoon with the baby.

Police say the father abducted the child Tuesday afternoon and sent Romero a text message threatening to harm himself and the baby if she called police. Guler's cellphone signal was picked up in San Diego early yesterday morning, but he somehow got past border patrol. He was caught about 300 miles away across the border from Lukeville, Arizona.

Guler is being held by Arizona authorities until the Santa Clara County district attorney can extradite him back to the Bay Area. He appeared in an Arizona courtroom Thursday and is scheduled to have an extradition hearing as early as Friday.

Officials have filed kidnapping and parental abduction felony charges against him.