Father, son arrested for woman's kidnapping, exorcism


Blanca Farias, 41, is still having a hard time comprehending exactly what happened to her. Saturday morning, her estranged husband and son convinced her to meet them at a Wal-Mart in North Stockton, saying they wanted to talk about the failing marriage at a nearby coffee shop. They then coaxed her into a truck and took off.

Farias immediately knew something wasn't right though. She tried getting out, but she says they held her down in the back seat while a pastor she knew drove.

They drove 47 miles from Stockton all the way to another church in Bay Point.

"They started bathing me in oil; they made me swallow some of that oil, I was throwing up and this pastor was saying you've got the devil, get off of her, get off of her until I fainted," Farias said.

But why?

Jose Magana-Farias, 42, and Blanca have been separated since January. Blanca has since starting seeing someone else.

"They thought I was crazy, that, really, because I'm not with you I have the devil," she said.

At one point, before the exorcism, Blanca texted her boyfriend saying she had been kidnapped, so Stockton Police were looking for her. After the so-called "exorcism," everyone got back into the truck and drove back to the family home Stockton where cops were waiting.

Jose and their son Victor Farias were arrested for kidnapping, conspiracy to commit a crime and false imprisonment.

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