Groups camp out at stores ahead of Black Friday

PINOLE, Calif.

Right now groups are camped out to be first inside at least two Best Buys in the Bay Area.

There are five tents set up at a Best Buy in Pinole. Some of them were put up four days ago. Another group is camped outside the Best Buy at Plant Shopping Center in San Jose. There have reportedly been people all over the country lining up early.

This year there's a little bit of a twist because there are some retailers that are opening up on Thursday. The Best Buy in Pinole is opening up at 6 pm. on Thanksgiving. That's about the time some people will be sitting down to dinner.

The people already in line tell me they want to be sure they get the best deals. A few of them have done this the last few years so they have become used to waiting in line through the Thanksgiving Day holiday.

However, they are not sure how things will work this year because the store will open at 6 p.m. Thanksgiving evening and then reopen that midnight.

"I get my TVs and everything at six and then I'm gone," shopper Christina Hansin said.

"Some stores are even gonna open up Thanksgiving morning," shopper Larry Lazzaretti said. "So where does Thanksgiving go, then, right? It's gone."

Because the crowds here have become pretty large over the years, the Pinole store has already brought in steel barriers to divide up lines. Because the store will open at 6 p.m. Thursday, all the tents will have to be cleaned up at 3 p.m. that afternoon.

Those looking to stay for the midnight reopening, weather might be an issue. That's because rain is forecast for Thanksgiving. So it might be a soggy and cold situation for some of those shoppers.

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