Serial killer Joe Naso talks to I-Team


The I-Team has been working on Naso for the past two years -- emailing him, seeing him in court and in person at the jail. Noyes' aim all along was to get him to reveal the location of more women he's suspected of killing because their families deserve closure.

Noyes met convicted serial killer Naso Monday evening at Marin County jail, just three days after a judge sentenced him to death row. Naso says, "I'm very annoyed, I'm angry, I don't feel I should have been arrested."

The prosecution presented evidence that Naso killed six women in Marin, Contra Costa, Yuba and Nevada counties, and the jury convicted him, yet Naso maintains his innocence.

Naso: "They haven't proven their case against me."
Noyes: "They sure proved their case. You're convicted, they proved it."
Naso: "No."
Noyes: "A jury of your peers concluded that you're guilty."
Naso: "A jury found me guilty."
Noyes: "They proved it."
Naso: "But not from these charges."

Naso wanted Noyes to see the nice pictures he took during his career as a photographer. But in his safe deposit boxes investigators found photographs of several of his victims who appeared to be dead. And in his Reno home, they found Naso's own writings which tied him to the crimes, including a "list of 10" -- what investigators believe is a dump list of where he put the bodies.

Noyes: "Tell me what was the reason for that list, what did that list mean?"
Naso: "That's a good question, I was expecting that and that I have to reserve for my appeal."
Noyes: "Oh, come on, Joe. You're kidding me, right?"

Noyes wanted to know about the four entries on the list that remain unsolved. In Naso's words:

- "girl near heldsburg Mendocino co."
- "girl on Mt. Tam"
- "girl from Miami near down peninsula"
- "girl from Berkeley"

Noyes: "Who are those women?"
Naso: "You tell me."
Noyes: "I don't know, you know. You're still playing games."
Naso: "Ask the prosecution, ask the judge, I don't know."

Naso appears to be wholly unaffected by his death sentence, and by the crimes for which he's convicted -- a brutal, decades-long run as a serial killer.

Noyes: "When you look in the mirror, can you live with yourself?"
Naso: "Oh, absolutely. Hi, Joe. "
Noyes: "You're OK with that?"
Naso: "Yeah, I'm OK with who I am, yeah. I got no regrets."

The interview lasted more than an hour and a half, and no matter which way Noyes came at him, Naso stuck to his story that he never killed anyone. He said maybe he'll see Noyes at San Quentin someday. We can only hope he comes clean about other victims that may be out there.

Tuesday at 6 p.m. on ABC7 News, we take Naso step by step through the evidence.

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