Sasha Fleischman home after AC Transit attack


A smiling Sasha Fleischman returned home to Oakland tired and bandaged, but Sasha's parents say the teen is quite happy to be home in time for Thanksgiving.

Sasha's father, Karl Fleishman, says Sasha wore a black skirt home from the hospital.

"Sasha's really excited to be at home; they just walked up the stairs and walked into their bedroom where they are happily resting," Karl Fleischman said.

The Maybeck High School student does not identify as male or female so the family prefers to use the pronoun "they."

Sasha received second and third degree burns after the skirt the 18-year-old was wearing on an AC Transit bus was lit on fire.

Sixteen-year-old Richard Thomas faces felony assault and mayhem charges, with a hate crime enhancement in adult court.

Sasha's parents say they would like Thomas tried as a juvenile.

Beyond that, their primary concern is getting Sasha's life back to normal.

"Their prognosis is excellent and they're already talking about joining ballroom dancing club, which we'll see," Karl Fleischman said.

"We're just hoping something good will come out of this; that this kind of intolerance will be, people will realize that you can where unusual clothing and it doesn't mean you have the right to attack them," Sasha's mother Debbie Crandall said.

Sasha hopes to return to classes next week.

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