SJ seeks crowdfunding support for gun buyback

SAN JOSE, Calif.

The San Jose Gun Buy Back has drawn 36 backers donating a total of $4,369 toward a planned Dec. 14 gun buyback, according to, the site hosting the crowdfunding effort.

Organizers are hoping to raise $10,000 through the effort, and say that every $100 will take one gun off the street.

The crowdfunding effort is scheduled to end on Dec. 10.

The gun buyback is backed by a number of local officials including Santa Clara County District Attorney Jeff Rosen, Acting San Jose Police Chief Larry Esquivel, Assemblywoman Nora Campos and City Council member Xavier Campos, among others.

The buyback is to be held at Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church at 2020 E. San Antonio St. in San Jose on Dec. 14, the one-year anniversary of the shooting that killed 26 children and adults at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut.

It will be the first gun buyback held by the city of San Jose since 1995, according to Esquivel.

Two gun buybacks organized in March by Santa Clara County doled out more than $170,000 for more than 1,700 guns.

Rosen has said the district attorney's office plans to donate to the buy back program $10,000 in funds seized from drug traffickers and other criminals.

For information about the San Jose's gun buyback crowdfunding effort, click here.

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