Shooting victim found near elementary school in Vallejo


The victim was found in the middle of the street, right in front of the main entrance of the school at about 2:30 p.m.

People driving by reportedly pulled over to try and help the man. They say he had been shot multiple times and even had some gunshot wounds to the head. Yet, despite his injuries, the man was conscious and talking.

Witnesses told Vallejo police that prior to the shooting, two people had been arguing at the front steps of the school. It's unclear where exactly the shooting took place.

Police did find a blood trail to a playground area on school grounds. They combed that part of the school for evidence. But at this point the gunman is still at large.

One neighbor said he didn't see anyone running away, but he did hear the gunshots.

"Just five shots," neighbor Kelvin Nichols said. "Then I came outside, I didn't see anything, then went back in. My stepson came home and then he said somebody was laying in the middle of the street with cars on both sides of him. Then, I guess the ambulance came and the police came and taped it all off."

The victim was transported to the hospital. Last we heard, he was still alive.

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