Premature baby has hope of going home by Christmas


Jayden Orozco was born 4 months early at a Central Coast hospital where he wasn't given much of a chance. Doctors twice told his mother to take the baby off of life support, but she refused, never giving up hope. He was then transferred to Lucile Packard Children's Hospital at Stanford.

Thursday night we spoke to her just before she left to go back to the Ronald McDonald House. She'll be back in the morning to see her son.

Blanca Orozco almost didn't get to kiss her baby's hand or savor the feel of his gentle touch. Baby Jayden, her second child, entered the world when it was least expected, four months early.

"He was supposed to be due December 25th. He was supposed to be a Christmas baby, but he was born on August 27th at 24 weeks," said Orozco.

Jayden was just 1 lb. 2 oz. when he was born at a Central Coast hospital and immediately Orozco was confronted by a gut wrenching choice.

"When he was born I was told he only had a 33-percent chance of survival and I was asked a couple of times if I wanted to let him go because he was so critical, but I refused," said Orozco.

The boy was transferred to Lucile Packard suffering from breathing trouble and bleeding in his brain -- complications of premature birth.

"So he was critically ill. It wasn't that many years ago that babies at this age wouldn't survive," said neonatologist Ritu Chitkara, M.D.

Today Jayden still needs some oxygen and a feeding tube, but his doctor says the infant is thriving and could be home by Christmas, when he was supposed to make his grand entrance.

"It's exciting and I can't wait to have him home. It's been a long road, but it's worth it, it's totally worth it," said Orozco.

She has already purchased some Christmas gifts.

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