SJ airport passengers maneuver around broken water line


As of Monday evening airport officials are still asking passengers to arrive a little early to make sure they're able to navigate any problems because of a water line break. However, in the last couple hours, a lot of those problems have been solved.

Early Monday morning a hot water line ruptured in an airport breezeway damaging walls and soaking floors. Because the water was so hot, the steam then triggered the terminal's sprinkler system causing even more trouble.

Passengers leaving out of Terminal A had to be shuttled to Terminal B to go through security. Two of the terminal's four security lines were reopened just before 9 a.m. to screen passengers. But their luggage was another story. Trucks pulled carts throughout the day because the baggage x-ray equipment was still offline.

Passengers could board, but all checked bags had to go all the way down to Terminal B to get screened and then brought all the way back to be loaded on the planes. There was also a bit of confusion for some people picking up passengers at Terminal A.

"So she told me to meet her here, but of course they're not letting people come out over here because of the water break, so I got to go all the way over to Terminal B," said Deborah Senior from Gilroy.

Arriving passengers at Terminal A had been shuttling all the way to Terminal B to collect any checked bags, which is about a half mile away.

However, late Monday afternoon the baggage carousels came back online at Terminal A, so that it will spare arriving passengers that walk and clear up any confusion.

They hope to get all four security lines open by Tuesday morning.

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