Guitar Hero creator looks to revolutionize exercise


The guys who made Guitar Hero know a thing or two about game controllers. They built one shaped like a guitar and turned living rooms and arcades into concert stages. And after selling the company for a reported $100 million, Kai Huang has a little more time to work out than he used to.

"They're two hand controllers that strap onto the handles of any exercise machine," said Huang.

With a couple buttons and some Velcro, a stationary bike is just an iPad away from becoming an arcade machine.

"We have Spin Or Die, which is an endless runner type of game. We have a puzzle game called Beat Drop," said Huang.

And all these games have one thing in common, the player can't get anywhere in them, unless they're exercising.

"The activity sensor's in my pocket. When I start moving, the character in the game starts moving," said Huang.

A tiny wearable sensor is the third piece of the controller. The faster you go, the faster the player's character goes.

It only takes a minute to learn. And only a few minutes to get carried away. Goji Play is meant to take the most boring thing in the world and make it interesting.

"Our goal is to make exercise more fun and ultimately to help people lead healthier lives," said Huang.

Huang says he thinks it is working. While his friends and family have gotten some strange looks trying them out at the gym, they've been too busy playing to notice.

"People are actually getting into the games. They're having so much fun that they're actually working out longer. I myself have actually been in 45 minute exercise sessions, literally playing one game," said Huang.

Goji Play sells for $99 and most of the games are free.

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