Food bank hands out hundreds of hams to help feed families


A historic donation was handed out Wednesday morning. The clients of the food bank are surprised because they're getting a ham in their bag of food.

This food bank gives out these bags of food every month, so it was a surprise when recipients arrived and found out there was going to be a ham in the bag.

The bag usually just includes the basics of canned foods and rolled oats.

The ham is an extra treat provided by Safeway and Hormel Foods. The two companies got together to donate 800 hams. It's the largest donation of ham in the Contra Costa County food bank's 40-year history.

Recipients at the food bank say they're thrilled and so happy to be able to have this as a center piece for their holiday meal.

The food bank's Executive Director Larry Sly told ABC7 News this is very appreciated and needed.

"Our numbers went up in 2008 by about 50 percent and they have not gone down. I mean the stock market is doing great. The economy is doing great, it's not affecting the people we serve, so we very much need to continue what we're doing and I greatly appreciate what Safeway and Hormel are doing and stepping forward and making this one a special distribution for us," Sly said.

"And when we get stuff like this, it's just so special to have stuff and when you get ham because to me hams and turkeys are stuff for the holidays, that's the dinner and stuff," Food donation recipient Tabitha Spoon said.

The food bank has already given out nearly 500 hams and had about 300 left at 11:30 a.m.

The food bank on Willow Pass Road handed out food to Bay Point residents until noon.

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