7 OYS puts waterproof smartphone case to the test

The Outdoor Technology waterproof iPhone 5 case doesn't say it's water resistant, but it is waterproof.

Where better to test the case than at Pier 39 on the waterfront and the Aquarium of the Bay.

The aquarium has plenty of water and scuba divers.

I have my daughter's new iPhone 5 and an intern, Morgan Fiske, who can read directions.

The phone fits tightly into the case, that certainly looks waterproof. The case is not easy to get into.

Three tiny locks opened and closed by a coin keep the case tight.

The phone was handed off to scuba divers who took it into the water.

The case claims to have a full touch screen and access to external controls and under water it does.

It also claims to be submersible to 3 feet and so the scuba divers are careful not to take it down too far.

After a few minutes, the divers get out of the water and hand off the phone to Melissa Schouest, a marine biologist with Aquarium of the Bay.

She brought the phone along with a towel and we dried it off.

The front screen is brightly lit, so I dial ABC7 News. We open up the case and it is dry as a bone.

"That was pretty impressive. I mean to be able, we could all use these around here. I can't tell you how many phones have met their demise in this exhibit. When I bend over to grab something and hear the dreaded bunk," Schouest said.

So it works as advertised, but could it go deeper? I decide not to risk my daughters new iPhone, but we did send the scuba divers back into the tank with the case to take it down even further, as much as 16 feet deep.

"Let's see if there is any water in here at all. Oh there is water. Look. OK, I would not take it to 16 feet," Finney said.

"It's probably a good little insurance for those whoops moments, but if you are going to go for a swim in the Bay maybe don't take it to try to get pictures," Schouest said.

"What do you think?" Finney asked.

"I think it was pretty cool. It would be cool, too, if you were in Hawaii or on a trip to take it just a little bit underneath the water and snap a quick picture," Fiske said.

It would work for that. It does exactly what it says it will do. The Outdoor Technology Safe 5 waterproof iPhone case retails for $50.

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