Bed donated to ABC7's Give Where You Live winner

ABC7's Give Where You Live will give $75,000 to local food banks and one lucky winner won $7,000 from us.
December 21, 2013 12:11:01 AM PST
ABC7 News' Give Where You Live campaign keeps on giving.

On Thursday night we introduced you to Jander Yat, winner of our Give Where You Live campaign which raised $75,000 for local food banks. Viewers who pledged to help also got a chance to win $7,000.

Yat has his 8-year-old son Tyler to thank for winning that money.

"I was checking Facebook and I saw this contest and I was thinking that my dad should enter, so we could get new stuff," said Tyler.

Yat said he would use part of the $7,000 to buy a bed for his young son.

A viewer saw the story and was so moved that he donated a bed so that Jander could buy gifts for his family instead.

And you can still give where you live. Here are a list of Bay Area food banks that could use your help.