7 On Your Side looks at iPhone accessories


It has a built in charger with retractable prongs and sells for $70.

This next accessory was perfected in San Francisco at Pier 39's Gadgetronics. It is a telephoto lens and tripod set for the iPhone. It comes with a case that makes it easy to attach the lens to the phone. Once it is attached, you get things in focus and your iPhone camera shines.

Gadgetronic's Nate McKelvie says to spend a little time with it. He said, "It takes a minute to get the hang of it."

And soon you'll be a pro. The picture is clear and can zoom in.

"The only thing you have to carry is the lens. You can keep the case on your phone at all times. You have a tripod, but it is not necessary," said McKelvie.

We took it outside to get some pictures of the famous sea lions. Tourists were amazed with the Gadgetronic lens as much as the sea lions. It is set up with carry bag, lens, caps and tripod costs $49.95.

We looked at another picture-taking accessory for the iPhone. The Motrr, Galileo is a remote control device that can take a true 360 degree picture.

"So the sphere app is controlling Galileo, rotating it precisely so it can line up each image. So each time the phone stops it is taking an image, rotating taking the next one," said Jasper Eisenberg from Motrr.

And here's what you end up with... a 360 degree picture of the world. Since the Motrr Galileo is controlled by an app it can be controlled anywhere in the world. So it can be used to monitor a home or video conferencing.

The Motrr Galileo sells for $149.

Here are links to all three of these products:

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