Dog attack survivor stays positive during healing process


Hunter Kilbourn, his mom and friends came to visit ABC 7 Monday and he is looking great.

Kilbourn was attacked by the dogs while playing at the home of a friend in Antioch. He suffered horrible injuries, requiring more than 100 stitches. He still faces more surgeries and skin grafts.

"He's doing good in school. He still has his days and his moments of anxiety a little bit, and being afraid of dogs. And, if we go to people's houses who have dogs, they need to kind of put them up or outside," said Hunter's mother Melody Ralls.

"It just scares me a little bit because that feel of something happening to you, and the feel of it happening again, is just not a nice feeling," said Hunter.

Hunter's family moved from Antioch to Martinez after the pit bull attack. He loves his family's Chihuahua, and also likes Golden Retrievers because they're fluffy and make him happy.

The dogs involved in the attack on Hunter were eventually euthanized.

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