Mini golf set to open in former Mission District mortuary


It's not a game normally played indoors, but CNET and PC World editor Steve Fox felt like it was a crazy enough idea to be worth a try. He's calling it Urban Putt.

This is not the mini-golf you played as a kid. Once they're done building it, every hole will have countless moving parts.

"They're sort of mechanical and kinetic sculptures in the way they think of them," Fox said.

Each hole has a theme, like the one dedicated to the 1906 earthquake.

It's not every day you find a space in the city big enough to play mini golf, but this is no ordinary building. Countless people have passed through this space over the past century -- and not all of them were living.

The former mortuary was built around 1895. It's being renovated, but they're trying to preserve as much of the old detail as possible. Now, you'll be putting into a skee ball machine where the dearly departed once lay in state.

With woodwork modeled on a computer, then carved out by a giant milling machine, they'll build new holes from time to time just to keep things fresh.

They're trying to raise their last bit of money on Kickstarter to finish it off and open in March.

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