East Oakland student shot, injured on way to school


Three East Oakland high schools share the campus that was locked down Thursday morning: Rudsdale, Sojourner Truth and Bay Area Tech. Police searched for suspects in the shooting of a student. It happened as the 18-year-old got off an AC Transit bus headed to class.

"It's ridiculous. Like people can't come to school no more. They're getting shot at school when they're trying to get away from that. They come to school and get shot," said Alaiyah Levias, a student.

The principal points out that the gunfire did not happen on the campus, but it's hard to be a safe haven when there's crime all around.

"We've taken steps to make sure the campus is safe, but there is just no guarantee about the community," said Rudsdale principal Willie Thompson. "As you know, they have some issues in the community and we're just one of the schools in Oakland that has been impacted by the violence in Oakland."

Thompson says there are always school safety officers on patrol, but one student says she might not come back tomorrow.

"I don't want to put myself in danger because I don't know whoever shot him might come back or something. So I chose to just go home," said Tionne Ryann, a student.

A district official says the victim who attended Rudsdale High, managed to walk to the school and a staff member drove him to the hospital. One student told us there's now a bad vibe in the classrooms. Counselors are being brought in and police continue to search for suspects.

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