Smart calendars are new frontier on smartphones

One of the latest entries into the smart calendar field is an app called Mynd. That's Mynd with a Y. It doesn't so much keep track of your daily events as it keeps track of you, just like something out of a science fiction movie.

In the movie, "Her" a smartphone gets really smart and even falls in love. It is science fiction that hits awfully close to home for Max Wheeler. He is the CEO of the company that has come up with a smart calendar called Mynd.

It is close enough to human that Wheeler refers to his app like it's an employee.

"It is a personal assistant that helps you with the places you need to go, the people that you're going to meet and the information that you need in order to be successful," said Wheeler.

It keeps track of appointments, but it also keeps track of you.

So, let's compare the movie's operating system and the Mynd app.

Here's a scene in the movie with the smartphone "Samantha" and the human character "Ted":
Samantha: "Good morning Theodor."
Ted: "Good morning."
Samantha: "You have a meeting in five minutes. Do you want to try to get out of bed?"
Ted: "You are too funny."
Samantha: "OK, good. I'm funny."

Now Mynd doesn't talk, but it does get you out of bed.

"It is constantly monitoring current traffic conditions before you need to leave and sends you an alert to your phone when it is time to go. And if you ignore that, it will send you another alert a few minutes later indicating that you're 10 minutes late," said Wheeler.

In the movie, Samantha keeps track of information. She says, "I saw in your emails that you're going through a break up," and Ted responds, "Well, you are kind of nosey."

Mynd keeps track of information too, from several sources including LinkedIn and Evernote. Then the home screen keeps track of you and your day.

"So the top left hand side has what's coming up next. In my case, it happens to be a call and I can press the phone button there to dial in, the weather of the places that I'll be today, the people that I'll be meeting with coming up, locations I'm going... this is informational panels... I can also put my Apple reminders there, and how many more events in the day I have to go. So I can tell at a glance where am I in my progress throughout the day," said Wheeler.

Mynd is free and can be found in the Apple app store. It's only available on an Apple device so far.

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