Bay Area residents enjoying 'summer' in January

Temperatures in the 70s have some residents trying to explain summer-like weather during what should be the dead of winter.
January 15, 2014 4:48:31 PM PST
When we use the word "unseasonable" in regards to the weather, we mean it in a literal sense. Looking back through the records at Rockaway Beach in Pacifica, six months ago today, it was 64 degrees, which would be warm for late spring. On Wednesday, temperatures were in the 70s.

Are these the best of the times, the worst, or the strangest? How does one explain summer-like weather during what calendars say should be the dead of winter?

"Global warming," one surfer told ABC7 News. "We're going down."

Maybe he was right, maybe not. We could go through the distinction between how weather is short-term and climate is long-term, but it's clear skies that have warmed both land and sea.

If the weather seems strange to people, it must also seem that way to the fish, according to one man that knows them well.

"'I've always thought you need to base your lifestyle on your worst years," commercial fisherman Ken Clark said Wednesday.

He says the verdict remains out for 2014, but he worries about how an absence of rain might keep the salmon from spawning.

"If these fish don't make it up there, we won't have any in three years," he said.