Die-hard 49ers fans get tattoos ahead of NFC game


$49 is all you have to pay to get a 49ers tattoo at Silver Needle Studios in the East Bay. Owners Mark and Tina Sanchez had a packed house Thursday night with fans who couldn't pass up the opportunity to show their commitment to the team.

"The real die hard 9ers get tattoos," said customer Isai Torres, who got a 49ers logo tattooed on his neck. "I kind of always wanted to get a 49ers tattoo and when Mark came out with the idea, I said, 'Hey, this is my chance right now. Let me go down there and get it."

"As long as they're in the post season, we're going to keep doing it. It's going to keep us on our toes every day. People come down, expect a little bit of a wait, but we'll get ya in and out," said Tina.

Orlando Figueroa of Antioch opted to ink his forearm. He told us, "I haven't really took a look at it. I forget he was tattooing me.

For those a little less bold, that would be me, there's always a temporary tattoo.

Oh and about that Seahawks fan with the tattoo already declaring his team this year's Super Bowl champs, Tina said, "He's crazy, first off he's going to need a cover up, so hopefully he has a really good tattoo artist."

For the more traditional fans, gear is still a great way to go and Sports Fever in Campbell is your ticket.

"I already have a jersey so I'm just looking for 49ers paraphernalia," said Phillip Merilos, a 49ers fan.

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