Oakley boy dies after accidentally shooting himself

OAKLEY, Calif.

One neighbor tells us he was surprised to hear the family had a gun in the house.

But apparently they did. And Wednesday around 7 p.m., an 11-year-old boy who lived at the home on Yosemite Circle picked it up and accidentally shot himself in the head.

It happened somewhere inside the house.

Emergency crews radioed for a helicopter while they were working on the boy, but they called it off just before it landed after the boy died inside the ambulance.

Neighbors say he lived there with his mother, father, and grandmother, and that they rarely associated with the rest of the neighborhood.

"And he walked his dog, I think the dog's name was Baby, and he was real sweet," neighbor Amanda Spencer said.

"[We had] brief conversations, he seemed nice," neighbor Robert Spencer said. "It's surprising, it's a quiet neighborhood."

It's still unclear how the boy got a hold of the gun and exactly who owns it.

Neighbors say the father, the mother and the grandmother are all nurses and the boy goes to a private catholic school.

There was a small crowd outside, but the parents never came out of the house.

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