Hercules police seek public's help in hit and run


Currently, there is only one witness and good police work that helped track down video of the incident. A detective took note of exactly what time the incident occurred, matched it up with the bus schedule and found the bus that caught the hit and run on video.

The video shows a 70-year-old man, walking in the crosswalk, just before he gets hit by a dark-colored SUV. The vehicle stops, then moves forward knocking him out of the frame, but what happens next is what shocked police.

"The driver got out and looked at the victim and a witness passing said, 'Is he OK?' and the driver says, 'He's breathing.' The driver then got back in his vehicle, backed up, drove around the victim and drove away," said Hercules Police Det. Connie Van Putten.

This happened last Friday around 6:30 a.m. at the BART bus lot in Hercules.

"That's horrible. That's unbelievable. What kind of human being would do that?" said Denise Abshire, a Hercules bus commuter.

The suspect driver is described as a Caucasian male, in his 40's, around 6'2", about 220 pounds and balding. Bus passengers say the crosswalk near the Highway 4 on and off ramp can be dangerous.

"Occasionally we get some cars, they don't stop. They get off the freeway and they just keep going, and they honk at the people crossing," said Malinda Williams, a Hercules bus commuter.

The elderly man suffered a serious head injury and some memory loss, so he's been unable to identify the suspect's SUV. Now police are hoping other witnesses, with more information, can help them track down the hit and run driver.

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