GoldieBlox wins contest to have commercial in Super Bowl


Thirty seconds may not seem like much time, but in advertising it can be precious, priceless even, especially if those 30 seconds happen during the biggest football game of the year.

GoldieBlox is a toy company on a mission -- to make engineering interesting and exciting for girls.

"I felt so lucky that I had one math teacher tell me one day to checkout engineering and I did and it changed my life," founder Debbie Sterling said. "That's what this is all about. I want every girl to know that she has the option and she can do anything she wants."

Sterling thought it was just another day at the office when the president and CEO of Mountain View-based Intuit walked through the door.

"Congratulations! I'm here to tell you and team GoldieBlox on behalf of all small businesses and behalf of over one million votes and 8,000 employees at Intuit, you are the grand prize winner of Intuit Small Business, Big Game," Brad Smith said.

On Sunday, 100 million people will learn the story of GoldieBlox.

"As a father of two daughters, thank you for sending that message out to the world, and believe me, an entire generation is going to be different as a result," Smith said. "You have really put a dent in the universe. We are so happy for you."

"This is like... I can't even... Words can't describe how excited I am, how proud I am of our team and this opportunity," Sterling said. "Seriously, it's a dream come true."

GoldieBlox beat out 15,000 other businesses for the top prize. A committee and intuit employees narrowed the field, but ultimately, a world-wide online vote picked the winner.

Right now, the entire GoldieBlox staff of 13 is in New York at a swanky Super Bowl viewing party.

You might have heard about GoldieBlox in the news in recent months. The company found itself in a legal tangle with the Beastie Boys after changing the lyrics to the song Girls in an online video promoting the company. Lawsuits were filed and withdrawn. Things are still being worked out.

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