CAIR holds gathering to pray for rain to ease drought


It was another beautiful day to get out and enjoy the sunny weather. But with the ongoing drought, there are some people who are literally praying for rain.

At the Alameda County Fairgrounds, members of the Bay Area Chapter of the Council on American Islamic Relations gathered for a special prayer service. According to their traditions, their Prophet Mohammed taught about a special prayer when their people went through drought conditions in Saudi Arabia more than 1,400 years ago.

"Right now they're just dong the regular prayer that we do every day," event organizer Irfan Rydhan said. "Then after that there will be the special prayer to ask god for the special blessings of rain."

A similar prayer service was also held weeks ago in Sacramento.

Bay Area residents are already among the most water conscious users in the state. But there are some simple strategies to cut water use even more.

For example, turning off the faucet while brushing your teeth or doing dishes can save two gallons of water a minute. Shorter showers also help. Each minute you cut saves two and a half gallons. And of course using a broom to clean up sidewalks and driveways is better than spraying them down.

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