Steady light rain falls in North Bay


Apparently for most people it wasn't raining hard enough to warrant an umbrella.

We asked Tiburon resident Manny Kopstein why he didn't have an umbrella with him and he said he had a "loss of hope that it will rain and heavy. So this is just a little sprinkle, but my fingers are crossed and our crops are waiting for rain, praying for rain."

In Novato, Lilly Ly was praying she'd make it to her hot yoga class, but then she heard a noise that would change her plans. She pulled into a parking space and found she had a flat tire so she had to call a tow truck.

Redhill Towing said they're ready to respond to lots of calls for help when it is raining. They said they usually get about two to three times more calls when it is raining.

Joe Paz, the president of Redhill Towing, said he has drivers on call, in case things get bad on the roadways and his trucks are staged in different areas so they can respond quickly. Tow truck drivers face the same challenges as everyone else.

"We can't get anywhere either, especially if there's an accident, so quite frequently we call CHP and they actually escort us to the scene of the accident so we can clear the freeway, so that traffic can start moving again," said Paz.

So far, the rain hasn't caused a huge problem, but this is just the beginning. Heavier rain is expected for the weekend and the tow truck drivers anticipate an ugly Monday morning commute.

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