49ers fan stands up for Joe Montana at council meeting

A 49ers fan urged the Santa Clara City Council to approve a deal for former quarterback Joe Montana and got a hug from him.
February 12, 2014 12:00:00 AM PST
A 49ers fan stole the show at a Santa Clara City Council meeting Tuesday night.

Dorothy Rosa, a passionate 49ers fan, stepped up to the microphone to show her support for former 49ers quarterback Joe Montana's plans for a hotel near the new stadium.

"The owner of this hotel is a man who made history for all of us. After all, he is the greatest quarterback of all times," said Dorothy Rosa.

Rosa then asked for a handshake from Montana who was sitting in the back of the chambers. Instead, she got a hug as the crowd cheered.

The City Council unanimously approved the preliminary deal with Montana and his partners.

Final approval should come sometime next November.