Local stores affected by Petaluma company's beef recall


"It's very frustrating," said Randy Erickson, meat manager at Vallergas Market.

Erickson's store is just one of almost 100 identified statewide as having possibly received bad beef from Petaluma-based Rancho Feeding Corporation.

"The beef council, they contact us the first thing," he said. "We get an email or a fax, first thing, when something like this happens."

The USDA says Rancho Feeding Corporation processed diseased and unhealthy animals without a full federal inspection

Vallergas Market was listed because of one special order of oxtails by a customer. It's an order Erickson says was purchased months ago.

"We contacted the customer," he said. "She was very cooperative. Rancho had contacted her and they dealt with it. It was out of our hands."

Last week, Rancho Feeding announced it was recalling more than 8 million pounds of beef carcasses and cuts. That's meat from more than 11,000 head of cattle.

The USDA has not said what its investigators found or what they allege Rancho and its employees did.

"It's very random and they don't specify what beef is recalled," Erickson said.

Rancho says all of the bad beef is out of stores, but Erickson continues to get phone calls from customers concerned about what they were putting on their table.

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