Flu deaths in California this season jumps to 243


Renate Cooper survived a 35-day ordeal that included kidney dialysis and being put on a ventilator.

Last month, Renate began feeling sick. Her husband, Dr. Kevin Cooper, saved her life by calling an ambulance.

"She got up to go to the bathroom and collapsed in the bathroom on the floor," he said. "And I thought this has gone too far."

"My liver failed, my kidneys failed, my pancreas failed, and my heart," Renate said.

Renate was clinically dead for two minutes when her heart stopped in the hospital.

Doctors removed nearly three liters of water from her chest so her lungs could inflate properly.

Renate survived being put on a ventilator and having kidney dialysis.

She wants to let other flu sufferers know you can survive the virus.

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