Sonoma residents petition for new paint job at ice cream parlor

SONOMA, Calif.

Some neighbors are petitioning for a new paint job because they say it's just too pink.

Donna Lewis is among neighbors who signed a petition opposing the shops pink color.

Amid the gold, green and burgundy of Sonoma's downtown plaza, Grandma Linda's Ice Cream is the only pink business around.

And when the historic building was built in 1890, that color of paint didn't exist.

"It's very important that you try to keep the history of this little town, instead of trying to make it look like every place in the whole world," Victorian Garden Inn owner Donna Lewis said.

Sonoma has a whole commission on the design of businesses. A commission that approved the paint job after an hour-long meeting.

The owners thought it was settled.

"That was the color we picked and we really stand by our color, we think it looks wonderful here on the historic plaza," Grandma Linda's Ice Cream owner Dawn Marmaduke said.

Marmaduke says the choice wasn't random. Grandma Linda was a real person and her favorite color was pink.

But for all the picking and poking over the pink paint job, you won't find a less concerned group than the customers. Lots of them told ABC7 News they think the pink is just peachy.

"I don't know, I think it fits an ice cream parlor just fine and I'd say keep it," one man said.

Even Lewis likes the color. It's the color of the flowers at her Victorian bed and breakfast up the street.

That's an old building itself, with a foundation made of this very same historic stone.

"They call it plum stone because it's that color and it should not be painted over with paint," Lewis said.

But the Marmaduke's themselves are part of Sonoma's history

"Grew up here, ate ice cream on the plaza, brought our horse down here, tied up our horse and went and got ice cream," Marmaduke said.

They think Grandma Linda would want that pink door and if the city comes knocking, they'll stand their ground.

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