Deputies fatally shoot San Lorenzo man armed with bat


Around 10 p.m. the fire department and paramedics were called out to a home on Paseo Grande and Via Toledo. They were trying to help a man into an ambulance when he became combative and went back into his home.

The man's relative claims the deputies did not have to kill him.

A relative identified the victim as 60-year-old David Goins.

The victim's nephew publicly questioned why deputies killed his uncle.

"Stroke victim, he had medical problems. I mean they didn't need to do that. Nothing wrong with the Taser, nothing's wrong with a rubber bullet or what not," Goins nephew said.

"He hit the sergeant with the baseball bat. The sergeant was carrying a patrol rifle at the time. It actually disabled the rifle, hit him in the arm as he tried to block the strike of the baseball bat. At that time he transitioned to his handgun. He fired along with another deputy," Sgt. J.D. Nelson said.

Paramedics who were treating Goins called the sheriff's department Monday night.

"Apparently he assaulted some of the paramedic staff inside of the ambulance and ran back into the house," Nelson said.

Deputies have been called out to the home 19 times since 2011 for a variety of calls, including domestic violence and intoxication. The man's wife was home when the shooting happened.

The nephew questions why they went into the home.

"He was a good man, very good man. He would give you the shirt off his back. I mean, he was a big old sweetheart," Goins nephew said.

Deputies say they needed to check on Goins because paramedics thought he should go to the hospital.

"Certainly want to err on side of making sure that someone is OK because if you leave and then you find out he's not OK people will criticize you for that," Nelson said.

The sheriff department told ABC7 News that you don't reach for a Taser when you have to make a split second decision and you're facing a baseball bat.

The family's anger is building and more relatives are on the scene, questioning why deputies fatally shot him and are talking to investigators.

The district attorney is handling this investigation.

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