Raiders fan honored for saving woman's life


The Stockton man is a season ticket holder who was catching some of the action on his camera last November. Before he knew it, he literally had someone's life in his hands and today the Coliseum's owner thanked him for it.

Donnie Navidad, 61, says he wasn't expecting to be honored for just attending a Raiders game. But, people who were at the Coliseum for the November 24 game against Tennessee know better.

"Where some of us might hesitate and be fearful and kind of wonder what should we do, and why should we do it, or can we do it. I think his training helped him step forward and do the right thing," said Nate Miley, Coliseum Authority.

Navidad said his Marine Corps training led him to do the right thing when a distraught South Bay woman tried to commit suicide at the game by jumping from the upper deck. Navidad suffered deep arm and chest bruises trying to catch her.

"You don't have time to react you just do what you got to do without regard for your life," said Navidad.

The woman fell 50 feet and ended up in critical condition, but survived. Navidad is the father of three and grandfather of eight, who spent 17 years in the Marines, and 42 years working for the federal government. In the East Bay they're calling him a hero.

"This is an act, not only of heroism, but of caring for another person is something we can all take inspiration from," said Rebecca Kaplan, Coliseum Authority. "It's a human life I would do it again," said Navidad.

Today Navidad got a proclamation and other honors from the city and county Joint Powers Authority - which runs the Coliseum. Previously, he was honored by the Raiders team and some of the hall of famers he watched for years including Willie Brown and Fred Biletnikoff.

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