Heavy rains helping Bay Area drought situation

Even with the recent heavy rains, the storms won't solve the Bay Area's drought problems, but they are making a difference.
March 3, 2014 12:00:00 AM PST
Another rainstorm is bearing down on the Bay Area, although it's not particularly strong. And even with the heavier rain this past weekend, these storm systems won't solve any drought problems, but they are making a difference.

Overflow water seen coming out of Bon Tempe Reservoir in Marin County recently is a great sight to see, especially when compared to what had been a terrible start to the rainy season. Phoenix was half full just a few weeks ago, but was overflowing Monday afternoon thanks to twice the normal amount of rainfall in February ? 20 inches.

Marin County water storage is still only at 74 percent capacity for this time of year, but the mandatory rationing that seemed inevitable a few weeks ago is now avoidable, according to the Marin Municipal Water District. "We still have the 25 percent voluntary rationing in place. It's not likely that we'll need to go to mandatory water rationing this spring however, so that's good news, and the board may well consider adjusting the voluntary cutback to a different percentage," Libby Pischel said.

Those are small victories earned one raindrop at a time.