Teacher asks actor Will Ferrell to chaperone prom


"I am asking you, Will Ferrell, will you please chaperone the senior ball with me. I promise to get you a boutonniere form a chain grocery store," said Cochran in a YouTube video. His two-minute video isn't just a bold invitation by a teacher to an A-list comedian, it's part of a high school lesson.

"We were watching a lot of YouTube videos trying to find viral trends, and we noticed some kid that asked Miley Cyrus to prom through a YouTube video and he got a response," said Nick Friedler, a high school junior.

The students are on San Ramon Valley High School's leadership team and Chad Cochran is the school's media production teacher. He's surprised by the response.

"I woke up this morning and I had no media coverage and now tonight I have a radio station, a newspaper and a television broadcast helping me out, so it's been a whirlwind of a day," said Cochran.

In two days, the YouTube video has racked up well over 2,000 views and their twitter post is getting plenty of retweets. They're trying to pull out all the stops to make as much noise as possible to get Will Ferrell's attention.

During Wednesday night's basketball matchup, Cochran whipped up a quick cheer. It's clear the school is behind this effort. For his students, the lesson is pretty interesting.

"I think it's pretty awesome how fast it's been able to get this big," said Allison Williams, a high school senior.

Now all they need is a response from Will Ferrell.

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