2 men arrested for possessing explosives

Rosa Martinez just found out her neighbor, 37-year-old Sean Gunther, was arrested for having enough explosive material to blow up his San Pablo home and severely damage the ones around him.

"Definitely scary, definitely scary," she said.

Police arrested Gunther and 47-year-old Marc Ormando, who lives in Pacifica. Between the two houses police say they found about 600 explosive devices and barrels of explosive chemicals. Sources close to the investigation tell ABC7 News they were making and selling illegal fireworks.

Neighbors say both men were heavily into fireworks.

"You know the ones that shoot up and blow up," Ormando's neighbor Carlos Sanchez said.

"They were pretty loud; I mean they were pretty much your standard M-80," Gunther's neighbor Jesus Pelaez said. "It was enough to set off car alarms."

Both men were booked, without bail, on charges of possessing explosive devices with the intent to sell. Ormando received an extra charge of child endangerment.

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